Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stock Market Forecast December 2011 (Panic Crash Ahead)

Haha, if you have been reading my recent articles, you already know the Stock Market Forecast for December 2011.

WD Gann said "Forewarned is Forearmed"!

That's the benefit of Stock Market Forecasting using "the right methods" = the WD Gann Secrets of Stock Market Forecasting!

Time is the Most Important Factor!

So have you read my recent articles which are still in play:

Stock Market Forecast October -November 2011. The waves have extended to December 2011.

2. DOW Megaphone Bottom 1987 Like Panic Crash

3. Panic Crash Cycle Ahead

4. DOW's Black Swan Dive Ahead

5. STI Falling 3 Peaks History Repeats. Downside Target Might be worst!

Today, "chng-kay" seems to be holding STI at the neckline (2677) since opening (more than 2 hours already). How long can they continue to hold it? Let go and STI will dive!

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