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Saturday, November 12, 2011

DOW's Black Swan Dive Ahead?

Haha! There you go again! Forgot to put the pieces of jigzaw puzzle together again!

Last night, I decided to input the November 11 1918 date into my Stock Market Time Clocks.

Bingo! It gave one of the most important date in DOW's history: July 8 1932!

Let's do a 4-D bet! Haha! (Do you know what 4-D stand for: Debt, Deficit, Default, Downgrade!, haha).

The Maths for November 11 1918 to November 11 2011 I shared yesterday is indicating a possible end of cycle. So it should be a TOP in DOW!

Last night, I was staring at the DOW 60 minute chart. I saw this pattern and decided to draw a trend line. This morning I checked. True enough, it hit the trend line and continued to trend below it till closing, in every time frame.

What was that pattern? Its a possible completion of Triangle Pattern!

Look at the DOW Chart below. Does it look like a Black Swan Formation?

What does a Black Swan do?


A picture is worth a thousand words!

What could happen over this weekend or Monday, November 12, 13, 14, that would trigger a possible sell off in Asia? Or do we have to wait for Lao Ta (DOW)?

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Vish said...

Dear TSK, whats your view on when will market reach bottom in current downmove? Also when do you expect this bear market to botton out eventually?

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