Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Beat the Stock Market Jinx !

Now that I know the 3 Stock Market Jinx and the 10-Year Stock Market Cycle, I should be able to Beat the Stock Market. Right?


1. Enter the Stock Market in '2' or '3' ended Year, when market usually bottom out. (Stock Market Jinx # 3)

2. Exit the Stock Market from August through October of the '7' ended Year, when market usually top out and market panics or crash usually occur. (Stock Market Jinx #1 and Stock Market Jinx #2)

3. Between exit from '7' ended Year to Year ending in '2', just trade short term, long or short.

Stock Market Forecast Next 8 Years

Hmm.. considering the 3 Stock Market Jinx, my Forecast for Next 8 Years should be quite reliable lor - Position for next bull market run to start in 2014 – that is after '3' ended Year, also pretty close to MM Lee's prediction of 3-5 years for recovery

Then must remember to get out by 2017 hor!

So remember hor, when to buy and hold, when should sell and fold!

Tools needed to help Beat the Stock Market

Hmm.. I've got Fengshui Analysis and my BMI to help me time the market, when to enter/exit, when to long or short.

I've also got my S.M.A.R.T. List to assist me!

Even if Mr Market want to play tricks with me, Me have no fear.

I've got the Best Market Timing and Risk Management Tool with me – Fengshui !

Beat it, Let's Beat it!

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