Friday, October 10, 2008

Finding Bear Market Bottom – Bingo!

Hurray! At last, I've found the magic indicator, the Bear Market Bottom Indicator! I shall call it the BMI.

Since the Singapore Stock Market Bear Run started in October 2007, STI had hit this BMI 4 times and rebounded. The last 3 times, STI rebounded 1-3 days before dropping. So now it is confirmed, this BMI works in Bull Market as well as Bear Market with more than 80% accuracy (I'm being conservative).

When STI hit the BMI on September 19, 2008 and October 8, 2008, I did not enter the market. Why? I know these were just dead cat bounce, would not last, as Fengshui Forecast was not positive. Also I'm still testing the BMI to confirm it works in Bear Market.

Time and tested, this BMI will be officially included in my Beat the Bear Market Approach!

So, the next time STI hit the BMI and Fengshui Forecast is positive, I'll kar kar enter the market! No longer afraid of catching a falling knife!

Bingo! Success to my Bear Market Investing for the Next 7 years!

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