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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fengshui – Reliable Investment Risk Management Tool!

My Fengshui Master Resources were spot on again!

It forecasted a possible rebound in September 2008, which happened, right? Arh! You missed it?

Singapore Stock Market hit bottom on September 18, with STI at 2307. The short bear market rally ended on September 22, with STI topping out at 2604.

Bear market rallies are usually sudden, brief and sharp. Before you know it, it's over cos it's fast and furious! I've highlighted it in my past article - B.E.A.T. the Bear Market - 4D for Success!

Unless you are alert and understand Bear Market Dynamics, you might fall into the bull trap! This Bear Market is for traders only, not for investors with buy and hold strategy. If you buy and hold or continue to average down your holdings, you will only be putting good money into bad money!

If there is a reliable stock market timing tool which can help predict stock market trends or directions, I'll be able to manage my investment risk and preserve my capital in this bear market.

Yes! I have found my reliable Investment Risk Management Tool – Fengshui Stock Market Analysis - The Best Stock Market Timing Tool which gives me market trend predictions with more than 80% accuracy!

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Fengshui Forecast was Spot On Again!

Besides Fengshui, my other S.M.A.R.T. Experts also provided reliable forecasts, eg. Stock Market Crash Alert!

Lastly, not forgetting my Bottom Indicator which tells me when STI had hit bottom! And I know it is only a temporary bottom using Fengshui Forecast!

So, what is the Fengshui Stock Market Forecast for October 2008?

Hmm... look out for it tomorrow lor! Next Solar Calendar Month starts on October 8, 2008 ending on November 6, 2008.

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MyInvestorsPlace said...

A great tool! A boon to the investors.

A timely tool in this era. Needed seriously in this time of wall street issues.

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Martin said...

Err mind if I asked what fengshui tool you use?

TSK said...

Fengshui is the tool. Read more here..

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