Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Fengshui Forecast was Spot On Again!

Fengshui Forecast for August 2008 Stock Market was spot on again!

STI had a major correction of more than 10%, dropping from 2906 on August 1 to 2574 on September 5.

Too bad, I was not ready to short sell this bear market. But I felt very happy that I've exited the market before this crash. Thanks for the Fengshui Forecast!

I prefer to simply wait on the sidelines, with my cash holdings earning interest from the bank or money market funds.

This is a bear market!

Capital Preservation is Key!

Cash is King!

Survival first, make money afterwards!

Patience will be rewarded when the Time is Right!

"Mr Market has never failed to recover from every setback. But not so for individual stocks!”

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