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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Stock Market Jinx # 1

October Panic! Black October!

For more than 200 years, some crisis or panics usually occur in the month of October. Here is the list of 13 identified:

Oct 25, 1799
Oct 23, 1847
Oct 14, 1857
Oct 12, 1897
Oct 19, 1903
Oct 22, 1907
Oct 08, 1927
Oct 29, 1929
Oct 18, 1937
Oct 19, 1987
Oct 13, 1989
Oct 27, 1997
Oct 10, 2008

So, when the next October comes, I must be careful.

Check, check, check. Check the Fengshui for October to make sure it is safe. Otherwise, get out!

Can you guess what is the Stock Market Jinx # 2 from the above?

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