Monday, December 7, 2009

December 2009 Stock Market Forecast

December 7 2009 to January 4, 2010

This is the Yang Fire Rat Month. Strength to the Earth element will weaken equity markets. Equity markets may be seen trying to gain strength during the first half.

Favourable industries/sectors: Fire and Earth

Financial Astrology:

There are both Bullish and Bearish Planetary Alignments this month. Who will win the battle: Bulls or Bears?

Watch these dates:

  1. December 16 – New Moon

  2. December 20 – Mars Retrograde

  3. December 21 – Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction, Winter Solstice

  4. December 26 – Mercury Retrograde

  5. December 31 – Partial Lunar Eclipse

Technical Analysis:

US Market: There is a bullish chart pattern and a bearish chart pattern in the indices. Which way will the market go? Will Phase 3 down start in December 2009 or will it be delayed till early January 2010?

Protect against downside risk – if S&P 500 breaks channel support at 1083-1078, it will be a sell signal.

Have you read "US Stock Market Outlook 2010"?

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