Saturday, April 11, 2009

Prepare for Next Bull Market?

Make a wish, TSK, on this April 11, a day always remembered by third parties.

Be prepared for the next Bull Market! Be prepared to ride each mini-bull run as well, I mean Bear Market Rallies, during this Bear Market which would likely last 4-6 years.

2 days ago, I found this expert resource sharing secrets to successful investing – on how to prepare for the next Bull Market. I did some research and found a reliable indicator that could signal we are close to the bottom of the bear market. It might also be used as warning of potential downturn or bear market.

Steps to Prepare for the Bull Market:

  1. Wait till we enter Phase (Leg) 3 of the Bear Market
  2. Monitor the “C” Indicator for signs we are close to bear market bottom
  3. Monitor Unemployment trend
  4. Monitor key technical indicators on indices for signs of reversal to bull market
  5. Look for uptrending stocks to buy
  6. Take positions in uptrending stocks, in phases
  7. Monitor for signs we are close to end of bull market, sell progressively.

Oops, almost forgot, my Crystal Ball should support the "C" indicator!

More in future articles!

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