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Friday, August 22, 2008

My Birthday is Always Remembered!

My birthday is always remembered, not by my family or friends, but by third parties lor!

These third parties always showered me with free money! Ha ha, free money in the form of shopping vouchers, makan vouchers and/or discount vouchers.

Who are these third parties? They are:

  1. Phillip Securities - $20 Robinson Voucher (I'm a platinum member*)
  2. NTUC Income – Free meal voucher and other discount vouchers

So it pays to have such relationships!

* Market so sluggish leh, I trade less, so might not qualify for platinum member next year. I hope Phillip Securities would take this into consider and continue to extend the platinum membership to me for goodwill! I think my remiser is reading, please consider lor so I can still get to use Protrader free lor!

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