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Friday, March 27, 2009

Astrology Forecast End of Rally!

One Astro Expert forecasted this Bear Market Rally will end on March 27, 2009. He accurately forecasted the start of this Rally and his forecast was posted early this year. I only found this article recently.

Then March 26, 2009 was the Fibonacci Turn Date provided by a TA Expert.

Then yesterday or today is New Moon. Looks like it might mark a Market Top.

Wah, one more tip, today STI hit my BMI Top (remember its twin indicator), not a good sign in a Bear Market Rally. It might indicate this rally is ending soon! Unless other powerful forces are at work. Like what? Like the power of Venus Retrograde?

Other challenging timelines to note:

  1. March 31 GM deadline
  2. March 31 Hedge Fund Redemptions
  3. April 2 G20 Meeting
  4. April 15 US Tax short fall
  5. April Earnings Season

So be careful! More in April 2009 Stock Market Forecast coming soon!

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