Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Making of A Bear Trap?

A Bear Trap?

Many technical analysts had been calling for a powerful reversal or bear market rally for weeks. But where is the bear market rally? Is this the making of a Bear Trap (Bulls creating a trap, trapping the bears in the bear market rally, hahaha!)?

Why the delay of a Bear Market Rally? With Venus retrograde, technical studies have a tendency to be unreliable, so say the Financial Astrology Expert. I think this also affected Fengshui forecast lor!

This FA expert's view is that with Venus retrograde, typically he will look for a long-term cycle high or low to form within 12 days of the retrograde event, and then for many markets to embark on counter-trend moves into the direct period, +/- 10 trading days.

However, there might be other planetary movements occurring during the retrograde period. So the counter-trend moves might be truncated, causing volatility during the period.

Aha, looks like the counter-trend moves (Bear Market Rally) had started (Dow is up 4% now as I'm writing). Oops, not yet, we need to confirm the decline is over! A break of 7100 confirms! Hey, Fengshui forecast for this week had been spot on so far. The squeeze is on!

Lookout for these potential turn dates, signs that the counter-trend moves might have ended: March 13, March 19, March 26, March 23. Refer to March 2009 Fengshui Forecast for more indications of potential market weakness.

Watch these Dow Levels! Only if Dow can break 7100 then it can reach those levels, given by one Financial Astrology Expert:

6972, 7055, 7139
7690, 7752, 7834

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