Tuesday, September 16, 2008

5 Steps to Beat the Stock Market

Do you know why more than 80% of traders lose money in the stock market?

  1. Books and Courses only teach Bull Market Conditions and Techniques
  2. Courses they attend did not teach them on macro stock trends or mechanisms
  3. Do no understand the 5 Fundamentals of Investments
  4. Do not understand business and market cycles
  5. Do not have winning psychology – 60% for success

Trading is a probability game. To Beat the Stock Market, we need reliable means to increase our probability of success in making money, whether in Bull or Bear Markets. For me, I've found my method to Beat the Stock Market.

5 Steps to Beat the Stock Market

  1. Forecast the future using market cycles – Singapore Stock Market has 14-year cycle, The Joseph Cycle
  2. Forecast the short term trend using Fengshui/Astrology
  3. Identify the sectors with potential to perform using Fengshui forecast
  4. Select the stocks and time my trades/investment using Technical Analysis
  5. Ride the Bull or Bear Market

Understanding the market psychology is very important as it ultimately determines the market direction.

Fengshui can forecast whether the market psychology will be positive or negative using the 5 elements.

Astrology can forecast the market psychology as the movements, formation or alignment of stars and planets can affect human behaviour, emotions and thinking.

You can see the evidence from Beat the Market – Success Stories.

Let's Beat the Stock Market!

Oh, very important, Sun Tze - Art of Investing and Trading, I mean applying Sun Tze Art of War!

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