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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Get 80% Rebate on NTUC Groceries?

Yes!  It is 80% rebate on NTUC Fairprice groceries!

This morning I went to JEM with my mum.  I bought Ensure Life Milk for her at NTUC Fairprice and requested the cashier to split into 2 receipts of $50 plus each.  With each receipt of $50 plus, I redeemed a $40 gift voucher pack comprising:

2  Jem Robinson/M&S $5 voucher
2  Jem $5 voucher
5  Jem Cookhouse by Koufu $2 voucher
2  Jem Cathay Cineplex $5 vouchers.

Wow!  Thank you JEM.

Why 80% rebate on NTUC Fairprice groceries?  NTUC Fairprice is the first to open for business, to help you achieve the minimum spend fast so you can start queing for the $40 vouchers before the customer service counters open at 10am.  If you dun join the queue before 10am, oops, you might not get your 80% rebate on anything you buy at JEM.

My sister happened to be there also, she bought 2 big bags of groceries at NTUC  Fairprice.  I gave her all the Cathay Cineplex vouchers, $20 worth!


  • Promotion is valid from 11 Oct to 10 Nov 2013.
  • Gift Voucher Pack redemption is limited to the first 100 shoppers per day, limited to 1 redemption per shopper per day.
  • Minimum spend of $50 must be accumulated in maximum of 2 same-day receipts,

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