Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where to DOW S&P500 STI HSI Shanghai ?

For now, I'll not be posting any Stock Market Index Charts as these are done using my "secret trendlines, price and time measurement methods".

Straits Times Index and Hang Seng Index already hit my critical resistance trend lines and started to decline. These also hit my price and time estimates. Now I'm waiting for these to break critical support trend lines before confirmation.

DOW and S&P500 have also hit my critical resistance trend lines and my price and time estimates. Now waiting for decline and break of critical support trend lines for confirmation.

Be patient when INVESTING. "When Time is up, Prices will decline".

Always wait for confirmation. Let's see which way the markets will go: up, down or sideways?

As the experts say, Topping is a Process!

Is Shanghai Composite Index leading the next leg down again?

Hmmm...at least Hang Seng Index follows.

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