Friday, March 9, 2012

Charts Warning Stock Market Crash Ahead?

The "Best Stock Market Timing Model" I discovered gave warnings of a possible Stock Market Crash Ahead.

Curious to find out if Straits Times Index, SIMSCI and Hang Seng Index Chart Patterns provide any warnings, I decided to look for patterns. I found the patterns and confirmed it contains warnings that led to a more than 2% drop in the Index on March 6 2012. That date coincided with a planetary alignment I have been monitoring closely. So the cause of the Global Stock Market selloff was "As above, so below"!

That research was based on the 15 min and daily charts. Now I'm doing research on longer term charts. This most important piece of the jigzaw puzzle to confirm my Stock Market Timing Model is correct, oops, to increase the probability of success!

YES! I found various BEARISH Chart Patterns in the long term chart of STI pointing to a possible crash ahead! YES! Similar Patterns in DOW, Nasdaq and S&P500 also pointing to a possible crash ahead!

When will it happen?

Watch for BREAK in critical support trendlines! Watch for drop from critical resistance trendlines!

Its too much work for me to post the Chart Patterns now.

Lookout for it next week!

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