Thursday, August 18, 2011

SIMSCI "Flash Crash" August 18 2011

Wow! Did you notice the "Flash Crash" in SIMSCI today?

Around 11.45am, SIMSCI "crashed" from around 330 to 326! As of this writing, it is still hovering around 326.85.

Straits Times Index did not drop when SIMSCI did the "Flash Crash".

Did you make "tons" of money if you bought the SIMSCI put warrant?


Market maker "cheated"! Before the "Flash Crash" you can buy the put warrant at around 0.430, at the "bottom" of the crash, you can only sell your put warrant at around 0.450.

Wow! Cheated. Market maker owe us an explanation!!!!!

What happened to SIMSCI?

Is this a "warning" of the start of the next "Crash" leg down?????

(SIMSCI equivalent to MSCI Singapore)

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