Sunday, June 26, 2011

DOW & STI Forecast July 2011

So where do you think DOW and Straits Times Index (STI) will be heading in July 2011?

Will Regional Indices be heading in the same direction?

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Oops! 2 pictures: one for DOW and the other for STI!

If the forecast is correct, then look for the next forecast in September 2011!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Watch the Sky for Trends

My "sifu" said “market analysts using timing tools such as Fibonacci retracements, Elliott Wave and dynamic cycles are amazed when their projections work out only occassionally. This indicates they only have a piece of the puzzle.”

People said W.D. Gann uses planetary time cycles to forecast the market directions.

Hmm.... now you know why I keep finding missing pieces of the jigzaw puzzle to improve my Stock Market Time Clocks' forecasts!

I tried researching and using planetary time cycles but it is not easy. What I'll do is to confirm and double confirm the turn dates provided by my Stock Market Time Clocks.

Yes! I've done it, forecasting the Tops in Straits Times Index on November 9 2010 and DOW on May 2 2011. Next is to double confirm the turn dates for the next Bear Market bottom!

W.D. Gann's Secrets Unveiled - Part 9

W.D. Gann said:

"To make a success you must continue to study past records, because the market in the future will be a repetition of the past. If I have the data, I can tell by the study of cycles when a certain event will occur in the future. The limit of future predictions based on exact mathematical law is only restricted by lack of knowledge of correct data on past history to work from."

Wow! Finally, I understand the great importance of having years of past historical data for the Indices and Stocks to make more accurate forecasts!

Recently I managed to reinstall and reactivate my Metastock Software after it became a “white elephant” when my old computer crashed a few years ago and I decided not to pay for data subscription.

Haha, now I know how to obtain free data for Metastock - upload Yahoo Finance for major stock indices, like DOW, S&P500, Shanghai Composite, Hang Seng Index, Kospi, etc. Wow! With so much historical data dating back to 1929 for DOW, now I can do better analysis and forecasts!

Guess what I discovered? An amazing tool in Metastock which helps me forecast how high or low an index might hit in a bull or bear market! Wow! I can tell it's another of those W.D. Gann's Secret Forecasting Methods! It's “Tunnel Thru the Air”!

With Metastock, I produced the DOW Chart which shows the Bear Market Signal! Now I can easily do the same for other indices!

Now I am starting to analyse historical stock charts for major stocks in my radar! Yes! It is possible to forecast when stocks will top and bottom!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

DOW Bear Market Signal – “Killer Waves” Ahead!

Wow! My Stock Market Time Clocks and both “STI and DOW Open Books” were spot on! It forecasted the tops in Straits Times Index (STI) on November 9 2010 and DOW on May 2 2011 and the nasty declines that followed. (read my Crystal Ball Section).

Now the “Killer Wave” indicator in the DOW Chart is signalling a possible nasty bear market ahead!

Yes! The double top pattern in the Coppock Curve, nicknamed the “Killer Wave” is forming in the DOW Chart.

“This double-top pattern has occurred only 7 times in 80 years – with 5 of them accompanying the start of the most notorious bear markets of the Twentieth Century: 1929, 1969, 1973, 2000 and 2007. The average decline (excluding the -86% loss in 1929) was almost -40%! “

DOW typically enters a bear market during the formation of the second peak. Now the second peak (double top) is developing, raising the odds of a nasty bear market ahead!

If the U.S. stock market enters a bear market, then global markets will likely experience another sizable correction.

Wow! A major confirmation of my Stock Market Forecast!

When will this bear market end? Ask my Stock Market Time Clocks!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

DOW Head&Shoulder Pattern Danger Ahead!

Daryl Guppy posted this DOW Chart on June 7 2011 at the CNBC website.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

DOW Flashes Danger: Target 11,600, he said in another article.

The above is just a small Head and Shoulder Pattern of a BIGGER one yet to be formed?

Wow! Have you read my DOW May/June 2011 Forecast?

Yes! We can forecast the future direction of the market long before it happens! That's the "Power" of W.D. Gann's secret methods which I managed to unveil!

I'm still continuing with my research, which I believe there are still missing pieces of the jigzaw puzzle to complete. I just found another piece yesterday and another piece to complete.

Stay tuned!

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