Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse a Rare Event!

December 22 2010 is 冬至, “Dong Zhi” , Winter Solstice Festival, one of the Chinese traditional festivals that originated from Han Dynasty and became popular during the Tang Dynasty. People would offer prayers to the heaven and their ancestors on Dong Zhi. The Emperor would hold a grand ceremony to offer prayers to the heaven while commoners would offer prayers to their late ancestors. Hence, Dong Zhi is also known as the “Ancestor Worship Festival”.

Traditionally, people would eat Tang Yuan or glutinous rice balls to mark Dong Zhi. “Yuan” has the connotation of “reunion” and “completeness”, and it symbolises family harmony and luck. In Singapore, it is also common for Chinese families to eat Tang Yuan to mark Dong Zhi.

My mum always say we will be “a year older” after Dong Zhi and Dong Zhi is “bigger” than the “Chinese New Year”. “Bigger” meaning it is a more important festival.

Hmmm.... now I know why it is “bigger” and we will be “a year older” on Dong Zhi, because the December Solstice is the astronomical New Year!

This December Solstice is a rare event because a Total Lunar Eclipse will occur on December 21 2010. The last December Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse occurred 372 years ago on December 21 1638!

The Total Lunar Eclipse will be visible throughout North America and western South America. The zenith (when the eclipse is overhead) lies just off the coast of southern California and Baja Mexico.

Wow! What do my Stock Market Time Clocks say?

  1. December 21 2010 has a ”special relationship” with March 9 2009 bottom!

  2. Venus “retrograde cycle” completed on October 11 2007 marked the Bull Market Top. Will this Venus “retrograde cycle” completing on December 20 2010 mark the Bear Market Phase 2 Top for US markets?

  3. On December 22 2010, Venus would have completed “2 synodic cycles” since the October 11 2007 Top. Will it mark this Phase 2 Top?

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