Sunday, November 28, 2010

W.D. Gann's Secrets Unveiled Part 7

Hmmm..! Sometimes it pays to take a break, haha “Have a Kit Kat!”.

My sister bought the new Kinect Xbox. It's time to have some fun and a good workout! Wow! I need that as my “spare tire” is growing with my marathon research! So “All I Want for Christmas is ???”

Ting ting ting! Wow! I input this “formula” into my Stock Market Time Clocks using a “Future Turn Date”. Guess what I discovered?

November 9, 2010! Amazing!

And what is November 9, 2010?

Using 4 W.D. Gann's Secrets I discovered, applied on Straits Times Index (STI) and DOW, the results point to November 9, 2010 as a major turning point. Using one of these methods, points to a downturn ahead.

Using the 5th W.D. Gann's Secret, the results point to a major downturn ahead for STI and an estimated downside target. Read W.D. Gann's Secrets Unveiled Part 6 for estimated downside risk.

I decided to extend my research to other major Global Market Indices using one of W.D. Gann's Secrets: Hang Seng Index, Shanghai Composite, Nasdaq, S&P500, NYSE Composite, India's Sensex, Korea's Kospi. Wow! You know the answer: November 9, 2010 a major turning point.

I further extend my research to major STI Component Stocks in my radar. You guess the results: November 9, 2010 a major turning point.

Oops! I have not finished with my research. Next objectives to confirm:

  1. When will Straits Times Index bottom?

  2. Will there be a major rally after the bottom?

  3. If so, How Long, How High?

  4. Trading opportunities before the bottom?

Yes! It is possible to Time the Market, to find the answers to above questions using W.D. Gann's Secrets. It worked for 4 years (back testing results) for Straits Times Index. I hope it continues to work from here. Oops!

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