Wednesday, November 24, 2010

W.D. Gann's Secrets Unveiled Part 6

Having gained 100% confidence in my discoveries of W.D. Gann's Secrets after what happened to Global Stock Markets yesterday, I was deep into my research last night.

Wow! This last phase of my research proves to be more difficult and tougher than I thought! All because I dun have a good charting tool to show me future dates!

I want to complete this last phase so future turn dates and direction of markets is at least 99% correct. I'm confident of achieving it. I already know where the Straits Times Index will be heading for the next 2 years and beyond = 99% ? correct. Now, because of the obstacles I encountered, I'll complete my research for DOW (our Lao Ta = Big Brother) only to confirm it is the same as Straits Times Index, then I can remove "?" from 99%. Wow! I must complete before November 27 2010, before the free charting tool expires!

Why am I so confident and dare to place 99%? Because it is W.D. Gann's Secret to Forecasting the Stock Market. "The future will become an Open Book."

My key focus is on the major turning points for the purpose of investing = when is it safe to buy and hold, and when to exit the markets
before the Bear Comes!

Remember we are still in this Long Term Bear Market, with "mini" Bull Runs and Bear Runs.

Nobody knows what and when the next crisis will be but the Stock Markets will not be safe for the next few months, at least a 20% downside (from the Top) per my "Open Book".

So I am moving most of my funds out of the 2 Indian Banks into a local Bank to play safe plus to earn higher savings accounts interest for the next 2 months. I just noticed UOB pays at least 0.70% p.a. interest on savings accounts from now till end January 2011. Plus I get a "Gold Bar" as Christmas Gift! Oops! Only a 999 fine gold-plated bar lah!

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