Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Venus Jupiter Direct Nov18 Rare Event Beware!

O oh! I'm so exhausted trying to run a marathon against time with my research!

This morning I watched a webinair by an astro expert. Wow! Guess what I discovered?

Venus and Jupiter turning direct on November 18 2010 is a rare event! It only occurred 5 times in the last 300 years! The prior 2 times are July 28-29 1900 and Feb 15 1966.

Ting! ting! ting! Hmmm... Feb 15 1966 looks familiar! So I started reviewing my notes and Stock Market Time Clocks! Wow wow wee! Guess what I discovered?

1. Nov 18 2010 is 45 years from 1966!
2. 45 years is a major synodic cycle of an important planet.
3. Dow made an important top on Feb 15 1966 and bottomed 8 months later!
4. There are a number of new synodic cycles starting or being activated on Nov 18 2010.

There are multiple Time Cycles running now per my Stock Market Time Clocks. Which is major I've yet to confirm. But there is one which accurately timed the March 6 2009 and Feb 5 2010 major turns and more. Could this one also time the next major turns? Watch these dates:

1. Nov 9/10 could be a major turn = Top?
2. Nov 23 2010 could be a major turn = double Top?
3. Nov 18 - will markets turn? Top or Bottom?

One Time Cycle Expert also forecasting a major top in US markets between Nov 22 -26. He said mid-Nov till early Jan 2011 is a potentially dangerous period. What does he mean by dangerous period? I'm still waiting for more information from him.

continue reading... Part 2, Part 3

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