Friday, November 12, 2010

Watch the Sky for Trends

I'm aware that a planetary alignment alone may not cause a change in trend. So last night, I decided to check "what happened in the Sky" in July 1900 and Feb 15 1966. Haha, luckily I found a website which provides the information.

Wow! Exactly what my "new sifu" ("W.D. Gann Master") said. This "pattern" will cause a Market Crash or Change in Trend!

So what is the "pattern" in the Sky now, on November 18 2010 and November 23 2010?

Wow! Close to similar "pattern" I think. The website only provide estimates, so I will not know whether the respective planets have moved into the "exact" positions of the "pattern formation". My sifu said markets might move sideways until the planets take their respective positions which will then trigger the drop. I suspect we are waiting for Earth to move into position, or has it already (website dun provide info)? Maybe for Venus and Jupiter to turn direct? These are just probabilities as I'm not a financial astrologer.

My Stock Market Time Clocks say Feb 15 1966 gives November 9 and 18 2010 as turn dates. Wow! Nasdaq topout on November 9!

Today, the Time Cycle Expert thinks the markets might peak earlier than his forecast of Nov 22-26. We need to monitor to see what happens from now till next week to confirm. Basis for forecast = November 2007 Top and November 2008 Bottom.

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