Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Major Works of R.N. Elliott Part-2

Have you read “The Major Works of R.N. Elliott”?

Have you seen this diagram extracted from the Book?

After reading the book on the detailed analysis of the DOW 1929 to 1942 Pattern, together with my Stock Market Time Clocks and my study of George Lindsay's 3 Peaks and Domed House Pattern and its Mirror Image, here is my conclusion:

  1. If 1929 Irregular Top = 2007 Irregular Top;

  2. Then 1932 Bottom = 2009 Bottom. Wave C down completed in 1932 according to R.N. Elliott. So guess where are we when the markets hit bottom in March 2009?

  3. According to R.N. Elliott, Wave 1 down completed in 1932, followed by 4 more Waves. (see diagram). So guess where are we when the markets hit bottom in March 2009?

  4. So where are we now going forward? (see diagram)

W.D. Gann said “History repeats itself. The future is but a repetition of the past” is found in the Bible.

Wow! The Past is the Future!

Will we see this DOW 1929 to 1942 Pattern repeating in similar way from 2007 to 20?? (for Straits Times Index also)?? Remember, I'm talking about similar Pattern repeating, not the time element repeating!

What could be the time? Wow! That will be a Trillion Dollar answer from my Stock Market Time Clocks and research, if these are correct!

Want to know more? Lookout for my next article!

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