Saturday, February 20, 2010

CLSA Fengshui Index 2010 PDF

Wow! At last! I managed to get a “hardcopy” of the CLSA Fengshui Index 2010!

Here's the Table of Key Contents:

  1. Hang Seng Performance in 2010

  2. Highlights in Year of Tiger

  3. Detailed Month by Month Forecast

  4. How market performed in past 5 Tigers

  5. Predictions for 12 Zodiacs

  6. Fortune of Famous Faces eg Warren Buffett

  7. Hong Kong Property Guide

You already have the CLSA Fengshui Index 2010 Stock Chart (Item 1), some Highlights (Item 2), Sector Forecast 2010 (eg of Item 20) and Past 5 Tigers' market performance (Item 4).

As it is a “hardcopy”, I plan to include the CLSA Fengshui Monthly Forecast into my Stock Market Monthly Forecast so we can compare it against my Fengshui, Financial Astrology and Technical Forecasts for each month.

Here's key extracts of the CLSA Fengshui Monthly Forecast for February 14 to March 15:

“Get set for plenty of fireworks. A big-Mach rollercoaster ride of a year. Not that a bit of nail-biting and stomach-churning means the month's a writeoff. Far from it; there'll be some fantastic opportunities for those sharp enough to recognise and fast enough to grab them.”

Now you can download your copy of the CLSA Fengshui Index 2010 PDF document here!

Have you read CLSA Fengshui Index 2011?

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