Friday, February 5, 2010

CLSA Fengshui Index 2010 Book/PDF

Wow! The CLSA Fengshui Index 2010 Book - Golden Tiger Year is out!

The CLSA Fengshui Index 2009 was pretty accurate. Will the CLSA Fengshui Index 2010 forecast be as accurate?

On February 3, 2010, CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets launches the 16th CLSA Feng Shui Index (‘CLSA FSI’) report with a tongue-in-cheek look at what 2010 holds for equities, commodities, property, celebrities, and the zodiac signs in the months ahead.

The previous year of the Golden Tiger was 1950, a year that saw the Dow Jones Index gain significantly and end the year on a high. However, Tiger-years are typically marked by dramatic changes and even upheaval and 2010, much like the tiger itself, sees an energetic and powerful, but impulsive and risky, year ahead.

Those trading equities should get set to ride the wild tiger. The markets will be volatile with a surge in the first month followed by a decline that turns upwards in June, dips, and then swings up again in September to see the Golden Tiger roar by January 2011.

Looking ahead month-by-month:

February will bring fantastic opportunities for those sharp enough to recognise them and fast enough to grab them.

March signals the start of three bumpy months, but there’ll be no shortage of good trades for those brave enough.

April, the influence of the stars of misfortune is especially disruptive, while the first few weeks of May will be feisty.

June heralds a great month but maybe not the best for betting, although the 21 June summer solstice is especially auspicious and gold may surge.

July is a more relaxed with time to enact long-cherished plans and projects.

August sees the return of volatility and precious metals look set to break upwards, especially gold, silver and copper. I

September, the trend is upwards and a mixture of considered and idle speculations offers the possibility of eye-popping returns.

October is possibly one of the best months of the year, with life returning to the markets. It marks the return of a sustained drive upwards that continues into November, December and January. Each of the last three months features an auspicious date; 17 November, 8 December, 16 January.

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