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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scary Voyage to C Bottom into 2014?

Wow! Have you read Bob Prechter's January Elliott Wave Theorist?

A scary forecast of what the rest of Supercycle Wave C might look like in the coming months and years!

Coming months? Yes, he had called the top in Dow on January 14, 2010, ie Phase 3 down had started, but there is “or” in the statement.

How Scary is the Forecast? Read January issue of Elliott Wave Theorist lor!

Hahaha, I managed to get a peek into the Dow Chart Forecast posted by 2 bloggers (haha, second blogger followed with the post when he read the first blogger posting the chart!).

So how Scary is it?

Wave 3 down target 1000 in 2011?
Wave 4 sideways above 1000
Wave 5 down below 500 in 2014?

(Form is paramount, Price is approximate, time is least reliable)

Have you read 17-Year Stock Market Cycle (US)?

What does your forecast look like?

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