Monday, January 18, 2010

17-Year Stock Market Cycle (US)

Remember the Kondratieff Cycle or K-Wave article I wrote in 2008? Oops! I forgot what I wrote!

Now I have a better understanding and here's the update: Kondratieff Cycle is a 70-year cycle, comprising 4 seasons of average 17 years each. The US Stock Market is now in the 4th Winter Season (2000-2020).

Look at the K-Wave Dow Chart: do you notice the periods match closely with Mr Buffett's observation and forecast for 2000-2017?

W.D. Gann said: “History repeats itself. The future is but a repetition of the past. Get past history, find out what cycle, then predict the curve for the future.”

So now you have the Big Picture! Can you predict the curve for 2000-2017?

Lookout for Part 3 if you want to see the answer!

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