Saturday, July 18, 2009

Solar Eclipse July 22 2009 & Stock Market

“Next week on July 22 2009, there will be a Total Solar Eclipse, the longest of the century. It will be felt in China and India mostly and will have a major impact. Expect the unexpected. The eclipse will last 4 minutes, it's effect for 4 years!”

Wow! Wonder what will happen before, during and after this date! And for 4 years on China and India! This is a forecast by a financial astrology expert whose past few months' forecasts on the US Stock were pretty accurate. More in Weekly Stock Market Forecast – July 20, 2009!

Guess you might have read or heard about the coming Solar Eclipse. There are news circulating of possible earthquakes and tsunamis. According to the Fengshui Master, if such disasters were to happen, it will likely have an impact on the stock market.

Wow! Guess what I read today? Even the Technical Expert, Daryl Guppy is forecasting a possible “China Shanghai Composite Index Bubble Burst” !
He wrote an article in The Edge for week of July 20, 2009.

Key points to note:

  1. The fast rise in the Shanghai index has brought joy and hope to regional and world markets.
  2. 3 warning signs suggest there is now an increased probability of a significant correction.
  3. When China sneezes, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other regional markets get swine flu.
  4. A retest of historical support level near 3,000.
  5. Real problem is a failure of support near 3,000, 2950, 2900. Next stronger support near 2,820.
  6. Any test of lower support levels constitutes a substantial correction and would send shock waves through Greater China markets.

Expect the Unexpected!

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