Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Blogiversary Celebrations with TSK!

"So this is July 30, 2009

And what have I done
For ONE Year is over
And a NEW one just begun
So this is my Blogiversary!
I hope you have “fun”
With my Beat Market & Investment Tips!
Avoid Crashes and Ride Rallies!

A very Merry Blogiversary!
My Blog's Happy Birthday!
Let's hope to make more money
Without any fear

Till Bear War is Over!”

(sing to tune of Happy Christmas, War is Over! So this is Christmas....)

So what have I done ?

  1. A Blogobook of Beat Market and Investment Tips to ride the “Voyage to the Bottom of the C”!
  2. Found Formula to Forecast Stock Market Turns – Timing Stock Market is Possible!
  3. Apply Elliott Wave Principles for Forecasting – Elliott Wave Make You Rich
  4. Research on Planets that create bubbles and cause crashes
  5. An exploding blog readership with 386 articles on Beat Market and Investment Tips and Forecasts (see diagrams)
  6. A Blog with potential “Market Value” - Thanks for your $upport reading the adverts!
With your continued $upport, together we can make it!

"So I say
Thank You for your $upport, let's make more money!

Thanks for all the Joy you're bringing...."

In Celebration, YOU are invited to join me for Free Lunch on August 9, 2009. So hurry, collect your free tickets from your nearest RC Center as tickets are running out fast! There will be sing along sessions, games, door gift, lucky draw and Free Lunch! Come Together. Reaching Out, Reaching Up!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven”

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