Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Anticipate Market Twists and Turns

Wow, my Straits Times Index Time Clock continued to spot every potential market twists and turns. It can also be used to time the US Stock Market (DOW and S&P500), +/- 1 day or so.

I have also found the best technical tools or indicators to help identify the Turn Dates, ie will it be a bottom or top, is it just a technical rebound or a change in trend.

Yes, there are so many tools or indicators in the Stock Market. Regardless of which we use, it is important we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the tools. Once we know the weaknesses, we can put in “countermeasures” to reduce the risk of loss should the weakness works against us.

What do I mean by “countermeasures”? Oops! That's my Holy Grail!

Who says there is no Holy Grail in Trading? No Winning Trading System?

A Winning Trading System:

  1. STI Time Clock & Company
  2. A Set of Technical Indicators
  3. “Market Psychology” Trading Rules
  4. Elliott Wave Principles
  5. Chart Patterns

Most important of all, PATIENCE! Wait for the STI Time Clock to “tick”, to trigger!

This week is Options Expirations Week in US Stock Market. Expect lots of volatility, ups and downs! Dun fall into the Bull or Bear Trap! Elliott Wave Count is still pointing to the negative!

Lookout for Part 2 on my Winning Trading System!

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