Thursday, June 11, 2009

Elliott Wave Make You Rich?

Experts say Elliott Wave can be used to forecast the market direction, the "crystal ball". Elliott Wave Technique might not be difficult to learn but it is definitely not simple to apply.

I have been reading many experts' analysis of Dow, S&P 500 and STI Indices, many give different wave counts. Sometimes, their counts can change, so it is subject to each expert's interpretation or analysis and changes in the indices. So, I've been very reluctant to learn and apply the technique myself.

Recently, my nephew taught me a relatively simple technique to apply Elliott Waves. Why the sudden interest to learn Elliott Waves?

I've got 2 Stock Market Cycle Models - Formula to calculate potential market turn dates:

1. Dates of potential market peaks or troughs of bear market rallies
2. Dates of potential start and end of bear markets
3. Dates of potential start and end of bull markets.

Wow! That's fantastic! But I cannot confirm if the dates are peaks or troughs, end of bear market or start of bull market. Even the expert who discovered the formula did not managed to identify the recent peak or trough correctly (ie May 8, 2009 was not the peak, June 9, 2009 was not the peak – yet?).

Hmm... then I thought of Elliott Waves, to help me confirm what those dates could be. Besides Elliott Waves, I also planned to used Financial Astrology – dates of planetary movements with could effect market turns. Then I found another technical indicator which could reliably tell me if markets, in particular STI, have bottomed out.

Wow, if these works, then I should be prepared for the next Bull Market! I should be prepared for the next bear market rally! I should be prepared for the next market top!

Focus on the Big Picture and the Big Profits will follow! Dare to Dream, Dare to be Different! LOL!

Wanna Learn Elliott Waves from the Expert? Click here or here.

Where is Straits Times Index in Elliott Wave Count? That should give some indication how strong the next Bull Market could be?

Get Expert View?

Or wait for more in Part 2 to this Article.

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