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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phase 2 Bear Market Elliott Wave Chart?

Having read and learnt from the 10 lessons on Elliott Wave and the Elliott Wave Video Crash Course, I should start applying what I learnt?

  1. How long will this Phase 2 Bear Market Rally last?
  2. How high can it go? Will it go higher after this current correction?
  3. Is it a correction or a change in trend now?
  4. When will Phase 3 of this Bear Market start?
Let's use a Elliott Wave Chart to answer some of the above questions.

It is only one possibility, applying what I learnt.

Meanwhile, wait for more news from the experts. Would any expert be able to forecast at this stage? Oops!

(Chart is taken from 3 Phases of Bear Market, with Phase 2 expanded)

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