Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

June 29 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

Fengshui: Market likely to perform well June 29 to 1 July, slowing down thereafter.

Financial Astrology: Uranus retrogrades on July 1. What effect will it have on the markets?

Technical Analysis: US indices – might decline then rise into the holiday on July 3, 2009.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Earn 0.825% on Saving Accounts!

This morning, my sister and I decided to go down to Parkway Parade to do some shopping. Then we passed by the State Bank of India Branch.

Guess what we discovered at the Branch?

As part of the Branch's opening promotion, it is paying customers 50% more interest on savings accounts opened before June 30, 2009. This special bonus interest is payable for the first 3 months only, that's equivalent to 0.825% per annum. Thereafter, the savings account will continue to earn normal interest rate of 0.55% per annum.

Wow! That is too good to resist, compared to my POSB savings accounts which is only earning 0.25% and Mysavings accounts which is earning 0.6% but with conditions. Definitely much better than Fixed Deposit interest rates with no fixed terms attached.

So hurry down to State Bank of India Branch at Parkway Parade by June 30, 2009 if you would like to take advantage of the promotion to earn higher savings account interest.

More information on the "normal " savings accounts at State Bank of India Singapore.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 Fatal Flaws of Trading

EWI Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy discusses why most traders lose, the five flaws associated with losing, and how to overcome these five flaws to become successful. Read More.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Timing the Stock Market is Possible!

"Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought it could be so e easy. Flying away on a wing and a prayer. What could it be? .......Making all of my wishes come true!”

Finally, I'm almost there. Almost completed my study, research and testing of my creations from the Stock Market Cycle Model Formula 2!

My Creations? Yes, Stock Market Time Clocks!
  1. Singapore Straits Times Index (STI) Time Clock *
    Exact turn dates to +/- 1 or 2 days. Turn dates could be bottoms (eg March 6), tops (eg June 2), breakout upwards (eg March 19) or downwards (eg June 15), technical rebounds 9 (eg June 24).

  2. US Market Index Time Clock
    Why must it deviate from STI Time Clock? Needs further monitoring and fine tuning.

  3. Bull/Bear Markets Time Clock
    Exact turn dates of Bull/Bear Market Tops and Bottoms and Start/End dates (based on US Market)

  4. Bear Market Rallies Time Clock
    How long will it last? Depends!

(* Singapore STI is a follower of Dow/S&P500, Hang Seng Index, Nikkei, China Shanghai Composite. If you are trading these locations, except China, you should be able to use this Time Clock as reference.)

I'm still testing the Time Clocks before its ready for sharing. To increase the probability of success, I need to use my other forecasting tools to confirm the turn dates. Which one? Elliott Wave Make You Rich lor!

Watch the space on the top right corner of this blog for future Turn Dates!

Meanwhile watch/listen to the music video slideshow, Turn Turn Turn. See if you can catch “the Time of Stock Market Crash”!

"A time to Gain, A time to Lose!"

(Google blog scheduler is not working. So new articles will be posted whenever I complete writing)

Watch Korea Kospi - Region's Leading Indicator!

Daryl Guppy wrote an analysis on Kospi yesterday. Key points to not:

  1. The KOSPI is the leading index in the region. It leads the way for other regional developments.
  2. The KOSPI has been in a sideways pattern for several weeks. This loss of momentum has been reflected in other regional indexes.
  3. The key feature is the decline in momentum as the index reaches the breakout target near 1400 and 1450.
  4. The behaviour of consolidation will provide leading indications of the behaviour of other regional markets.
  5. A break below the consolidation has a target near 1250. An upside move above the consolidation area has a target near 1650 to 1700.
  6. At this stage of development there is no indication of how the KOSPI will move.
  7. A successful consolidation and continuation will set upside targets near 1700.
  8. A failure of support at 1450 sets downside targets near 1250. A retreat to this level remains bullish.
  9. A substantial pullback and rebound is required before this can be defined as a sustainable trend breakout rather than a momentum rally.
  10. Until this develops, this rally is treated as a momentum rally and traders must be alert for a decline in momentum and a retreat.

Monday, June 22, 2009

June 22 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

June 22 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

Fengshui: Market likely to remain weak.

Financial Astrology: Will markets continue to decline?.

Technical Analysis: US indices – decline likely to continue. A break of 904 (S&P 500) means decline likely to continue, break of 876 confirms downtrend.

Note: June 23/24 – FOMC Meeting

Read 3 Phases of Bear Market Alternatve Elliott Count by US Experts

3 Phases of Bear Market Alternate EWave Count

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly News!

Have you read 3 Phases of Bear Market (2007-2012) Part 2?

Two US TA Experts had provided an alternate Elliott Wave Count for DOW and S&P500 in line with Part 2 instead of the possible Elliott Wave Count provided in 3 Phases of Bear Market Part 1.

Here is the alternate Elliott Wave Count Charts for Dow and Straits Times Index prepared by me based on my understanding of what the experts explained. It's a possibility only, as compared to the previous one I prepared.

The Bad News is Wave A down is not complete. What had completed is Wave 1-4 of Wave A down. The recent strong Bear Market Rally was just Wave 4 up of Wave A. And Wave 5 down of Wave A might have started.

The Ugly News is we are still in Phase 1 of this Bear Market! Phase 2 and Phase 3 have yet to come, meaning this Bear Market still has a long way to go. Remember, 7-Year Bear Market!

The Good News is, you can guess lor! Phase 2 had not started. So there is still a big money making opportunity. Remember, Phase 2 might retrace 50% of this Bear Market!

So, now you agree with me or not? Elliott Wave is easy to learn but not simple to apply. Even experts differ in there views and usually have alternate wave counts just in case.

But, if you get the Elliott Wave Count correct, Elliott Wave Can Make You Rich!

Friday, June 19, 2009

EWI Fibonacci Resources Free June 2009!

The following EWI Fibonacci Resources are available free to EWI Club Members in Celebration of Phi Day 6.18.

Yesterday was June 18, 2009 = 6.18, a fibonacci ratio!

Free EWI Fibonacci Resources:

  1. Video: Learn to Set Price Targets Using Fibonacci Numbers
  2. Report: Learn How Fibonacci Techniques Can Identify Market Turns
  3. Report: What can a Fractal Teach Me About the Stock Market
  4. Report: Elliott Waves, Fibonacci and Statistics
  5. Tutorial: The Elliott Wave Tutorial

Dun miss the Elliott Wave Tutorial!

Click Elliott Wave Tutorial to Join EWI Club Free to access all the above free resources!

7-Year Bear Market Structure - Singapore STI

Oops! Article deleted.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Phase 2 Bear Market Elliott Wave Chart?

Having read and learnt from the 10 lessons on Elliott Wave and the Elliott Wave Video Crash Course, I should start applying what I learnt?

  1. How long will this Phase 2 Bear Market Rally last?
  2. How high can it go? Will it go higher after this current correction?
  3. Is it a correction or a change in trend now?
  4. When will Phase 3 of this Bear Market start?
Let's use a Elliott Wave Chart to answer some of the above questions.

It is only one possibility, applying what I learnt.

Meanwhile, wait for more news from the experts. Would any expert be able to forecast at this stage? Oops!

(Chart is taken from 3 Phases of Bear Market, with Phase 2 expanded)

Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

Fengshui: Market unlikely to do well, except June 19.

Financial Astrology: Markets likely to topout June 19-22.

Technical Analysis: US indices – signs of topout. A break of 912 (S&P 500) might mean rally is over, break of 876 confirms.

(Posted at 12.15pm - Markets continued to rally, building bubbles because of Jupiter. Today Jupiter goes retrograde, regional markets are correcting. I suspect so, although the astro experts did not mention. Will this correction be temporary or is it the start of Phase 3 of Bear Market? The Wave Counts will tell you. )

The Joseph Cycle & Elliott Wave Forecast

Oops! Article deleted.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Formula Forecast Bear Market Lows

"Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never thought it could be so e easy. Flying away on a wing and a prayer. What could it be? .......Making all of my wishes come true!”

LOL! Another formula found, this time to forecast how low this bear market can go!

I just dun believe it, one formula after another.

Today, I started and completed my 10 Lessons on Elliott Waves – speed reading lor! Luckily, better late than never. Luckily, Phase 3 of Bear Market not started, or going to start?

Then I discovered the "formula" – guidelines on how to forecast how low this bear market can go for Straits Times Index. The same "formula" can be used for other Indices and Stocks (I guess) so long Elliott Wave counts are applied correctly.

Also included are guidelines to forecast how high this bear market rally can go.

Have you read the 10 Lessons on Elliott Waves?

Hmmm... I'm going to workout the details if I can get the Straits Times Index Chart for the last 30 years. Then together with my Stock Market Cycle Model Formula, I should be able to time it when it comes. Hmmm... I'm going to workout the details for stocks I'm focusing on, then catch it!

(p.s. I almost finished watching the video crash course. Its a summary of the 10 lessons. Helps confirm understanding, if you dun like reading. Otherwise, lookout for my conclusion)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Formula to Forecast Gold Market Turns – Bingo!

Wow, Gold also has a market time clock!

With the mathematical formula, one should be able to time the market turns - tops or bottoms.

I've not spent time studying or researching on “Gold's Timer” formula.

Focus on getting the stock market formula in place first lah! Very time consuming you know trying to do “crashed research”, which takes experts years to complete, and I'm competing to complete it in weeks! Oops, hopefully!

Anyway, according to one astro expert, Gold should correct soon to target 788.

Let's wait and see!

Elliott Wave Make You Rich?

Experts say Elliott Wave can be used to forecast the market direction, the "crystal ball". Elliott Wave Technique might not be difficult to learn but it is definitely not simple to apply.

I have been reading many experts' analysis of Dow, S&P 500 and STI Indices, many give different wave counts. Sometimes, their counts can change, so it is subject to each expert's interpretation or analysis and changes in the indices. So, I've been very reluctant to learn and apply the technique myself.

Recently, my nephew taught me a relatively simple technique to apply Elliott Waves. Why the sudden interest to learn Elliott Waves?

I've got 2 Stock Market Cycle Models - Formula to calculate potential market turn dates:

1. Dates of potential market peaks or troughs of bear market rallies
2. Dates of potential start and end of bear markets
3. Dates of potential start and end of bull markets.

Wow! That's fantastic! But I cannot confirm if the dates are peaks or troughs, end of bear market or start of bull market. Even the expert who discovered the formula did not managed to identify the recent peak or trough correctly (ie May 8, 2009 was not the peak, June 9, 2009 was not the peak – yet?).

Hmm... then I thought of Elliott Waves, to help me confirm what those dates could be. Besides Elliott Waves, I also planned to used Financial Astrology – dates of planetary movements with could effect market turns. Then I found another technical indicator which could reliably tell me if markets, in particular STI, have bottomed out.

Wow, if these works, then I should be prepared for the next Bull Market! I should be prepared for the next bear market rally! I should be prepared for the next market top!

Focus on the Big Picture and the Big Profits will follow! Dare to Dream, Dare to be Different! LOL!

Wanna Learn Elliott Waves from the Expert? Click here or here.

Where is Straits Times Index in Elliott Wave Count? That should give some indication how strong the next Bull Market could be?

Get Expert View?

Or wait for more in Part 2 to this Article.

Where STI Heading Next?

Daryl Guppy wrote an analysis on Straits Times Index yesterday, June 10, 2009.

Key points to note:

  1. STI has reached the resistance level target near 2400 set by the trading band.

  2. There is a high probability of a trend retracement developing.

  3. A repeat of this behaviour can be seen with the KOSPI where the up momentum has also declined. The KOSPI leads regional markets.

  4. The lower edge of the band near 1460 is the support level. The upper level of the band is near 1940. This is less well defined and the placement of the line is not exact. The apex of the triangle is near 1750 and this is the middle area of this trading band.

  5. The width of the trading band is used as a measure of the potential upside targets. A successful breakout above 1940 sets an upside target near 2400. This is a long term support and resistance area.

  6. The rise to this level created a small consolidation pattern near 2200. This consolidation behaviour will provide support for a market retreat from resistance near 2400.

  7. Traders look for retreat and rally behaviour using 2300 as a support area.

  8. A move above 2400 has a target near 2650. This is a long term support resistance level.

Monday, June 8, 2009

June 8 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

June 8 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

Fengshui: Market likely volatile June 8 & 9, signs of weakness June 12.

Financial Astrology: Will markets be up or down? If Dow can hold at 8670 for next 10 days, likely more upside.

Technical Analysis: US indices – uncertainty on next move, up or down. Watch June 9 for potential sell signal. A break of 912 (S&P 500) might mean rally is over, break of 876 confirms.

Hmmm... so last week's Dow performance was inverse against the forecast from Stock Market Cycle Model – Formula 1 - confirms it cannot be used on daily basis. It is right most of the time forecasting the lows and the highs. Let's see if the forecast for Dow is reliable: June 11 – Low is due. Oops, maybe when disclosed, the cycle fails?

Friday, June 5, 2009

June 2009 Stock Market Forecast

June 5 to July 4, 2009

This is the Yang Metal Horse month. There are opportunities for profits in the first half. Markets likely to be uncertain in the second half, avoid greed over short-term gains.

Favourable industries/sectors: Metal and Water

Technical Analysis: US indices in final leg of Phase 2 of Bear Market.

Have you read 3 Phases of Bear Market?

When will the bubble burst? Be careful not to be caught in Phase 3 of the Bear Market.

I've not completed my study/research into the 2 Stock Market Cycle Models, so will not release any result at this point.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June 1 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

June 1 Weekly Update - Stock Market Forecast

Fengshui: Market unlikely to do well, except June 1, 2009.

Financial Astrology: Many planetary movements. Market up or down? Likely in trading range?

Technical Analysis: US indices – likely to decline Monday. First week of following month after long consolidation usually result in reversal. A break of 876 (S&P) might mean rally is over.

This week, let's test and monitor the reliability of the forecast from Stock Market Cycle Model – Formula 1. Remember the weakness I highlighted in Formula Forecast Stock Market Turns! Below forecast based on Dow:

June 1: down
June 4: down
June 5: down

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