Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Recall Fengshui Stock Market Predictions 2009

Still remember my article published in January 2009 – More Fengshui Master Predictions 2009?

Read these again:

Hong Kong Fengshui Master:

"Financial markets will go up a little in the first couple of months but this will be short-lived. Investors are bound to be disappointed in the end."

Malaysia Fengshui Master:

"There will be a little spring appearing in mid-2009, which is a false image. People will think this spring marks the start of a rally. Things will in fact go down after that. My advice is for investors to ride on the wave of this little spring when it happens. Use this opportunity to sell. "

Remember, by mid-2009!

For now, read 3 Phases (Legs) of Bear Market and my Monthly Crystal Ball for additional tips!

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