Tuesday, April 7, 2009

3 Phases of Bear Market (Part 2)

The most read article is Stock Market Forecast 2009 – Yin Earth Ox. Have you read?

When will this Bear Market likely to end? Have you read? So do you still want to pick the bottom? Do you still want to buy and hold?

Applying the Art of Foresight, it might be safe to pick the bottom. Then buy and hold, and exit before the Bear Market Rally ends.

Hmmm... Art of Foresight? Fengshui Forecast! Financial Astrology Forecast! Elliott Wave Analysis! My Crystal Ball!

There is no 100% certainty. Otherwise, nobody would be working, nobody would be providing services!

Elliott Wave Analysis (EWA)? In Part 1, EWA indicates we might be in Leg B of this Bear Market. Markets do not drop or rise in a straight line. Leg B would likely be in 3 waves (a-up, b-down, c-up).

One TA expert forecast US indices should be in b-down soon, which should correct 50% of this rally, followed by c-up. But what if b-down take out the low of March 9, 2009?

One FA expert forecast this down leg might break the March 9, 2009. That means, we are still in Leg A of this Bear Market!

Wow, that might happen based on Fengshui Forecast! O-oh, Bad News!

No no! It's Good News! This would be an exceptional opportunity to ride the potential 50% Bear Market Rally next lor!

So, do you still want to pick the bottom? Do you still want to buy and hold?

Be patient in bear market! Be cautiously optimistic! Preserve Capital, Focus on protecting against downside risk!

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