Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stock Market Forecast 2009 – Fengshui Analysis

Stock Market Forecast 2009 (Preview 2) – Fengshui Analysis

I found this news article published in July 2007 while searching the internet.

Forecast by 3 Hong Kong Fengshui Masters.

Key points highlighted by one Fengshui Master:
  1. Stock Market expected to take nosedive in 2009
  2. Leading to economic downturn in next 5 years
  3. Between 2016 and 2021, economy should strengthen again.

I've not seen the past forecast done by this Fengshui Master, so not sure how reliable. But I know he is one of the well-known masters in Hong Kong.

Anyway, forecast is in sync with my Crystal Ball for Next 8 Years!

Read Stock Market Forecast 2009 Preview 1

How will the Dow/STI Chart for 2009 look like?

Crystal Ball - Stock Market Forecast 2009 - Yin Earth Ox

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