Thursday, October 16, 2008

How Low Can We Go?

Another Stock Market Crash! The S&P 500 fell 9.03%, its biggest decline in this current bear market.
  1. Last night, the S&P 500 had its 8th worst decline ever going back to 1927.
  2. Last week, the S&P 500 had its biggest weekly drop ever.
  3. Less than three weeks ago, the S&P 500 had the 10th worst one-day decline ever.
  4. Last Thursday's fall of 7.62% is the 18th worst.

"This has truly been a downer of a day, a downer of a week, a downer of a month, a downer of a quarter, a downer of a year, and a downer of a decade for stocks.”

"It's unbelievable, but 2008 is now on par with the worst years of the Great Depression for equities.”

"Prior big down days during this bear market have been more shock and awe.

But after getting a taste of a rally on Monday, today's decline is downright depressing.

That's what bear markets do to investors.

They knock you down to the depths of despair, let you claw your way back until you're barely standing again, then take a club to your knees and knock you right back down again.

The Dow is down another 700 + points last night.”

(Source: B.I.G.)

What will happen to the rest of the World Markets today? Lao Sai Again!

How low can Singapore Stock Market STI go? My BMI now shows 1860, but it is a moving indicator, might drop further if selling pressure is high and if STI keep doing false rallies! (At end of day, BMI is at 1820)

Hindenburg Omen!

Fengshui Forecast - Water kills the Fire in the Stock Market!

The RAT Show Hand Again!

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