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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Difference between Crisis vs Opportunity?

What's the difference between Crisis and Opportunity?

The critical difference is - are you prepared?

  1. Are you aware of the possible future developments of the economics, business and stock market;
  2. Can you see the changes coming;
  3. Can you see opportunities or dangers ahead.

How much is a view of the future worth?

  1. A warning of possible changes or dangers coming enables me to prepare, while I still have the opportunity and time to act;
  2. Helps me find investment opportunities;
  3. Helps me ride the waves of change to preserve and grow my wealth/investments.

How to have a reliable view of the future?

  1. Understand economic and stock market cycles;
  2. Use reliable tools and techniques to spot trends and changes.

I found my tools – The Joseph Cycle, Fengshui and S.M.A.R.T. List !

My secret ingredient of success - My Crystal Ball!

For now, we are still on the 'danger' side, but charting my path to make money from the 'opportunity' .

Be Patient. Patience is Golden!

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