Thursday, September 11, 2008

Warren Buffett Plays Bridge, I play Wahjong!

Do you know Warren Buffett likes to play bridge online with Bill Gates? He thinks bridge would teach kids maths skills, logical thinking and how to work with others.

I began to like playing Wahjong after I understand it can help keep my mind alert! So I won't suffer from aging symptoms like slowly losing my memory, I mean delay it coming lor! I'm already affected seeing my mum having those symptoms. I think it's infectious!

Wahjong is the online game for Mahjong lah! At the website, there are many other games, but me lazy to learn lah. Playing Wahjong with those kids or teenagers is fun. Most of the online players are very young leh, as young as 12 years old. How I know? They chitchat as they play, ask me my age, boy or girl, etc. Ha ha!

You can access it under My Favourite Game on the right sidebar of this blog.

Have fun!

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