Sunday, September 7, 2008

Share Your Experience, Earn Some Pocket Money?

Ever wondered why people who claimed they have made their first million or are millionaires and still teaching? If their trading methods are so good, they should be rich, then why are they still teaching? There is a saying – those who can, do; those who can't, teach! Do you believe?

Why do people teach?
  1. Knowledge not shared is useless.
  2. It is only through teaching that they internalised their understanding and continue to improve themselves.
  3. It is their passion, they want to share their knowledge and experience.
  4. They need a big community to move the market, to make their methods work – market or price movements are a result of supply and demand.
  5. Another source of income to grow their wealth.

Me? Me no millionaire lah, but 1-3 applies when I blog lor. Then of course hope to earn some pocket money after hearing people say they can make money online!

But not easy lah - if nobody wants to read the advertisements, and nobody knows the blog exists, nobody wants to visit the blog cos information not useful or ??

So everyday, I've to crack my head to write useful and unique information which no other blogs have and think of how to publicise my blog.

Bottomline is one must have the passion to share. Me also hope through blogging, it will slow the process so I won't be like my mum - “so long never eat here”! Oh yes, Happy Birthday Mum! She forget already!

I'll share with you why some people claim their 'unattended' blogs continue to earn them pocket money, later. So you wanna blog too?

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