Monday, September 15, 2008

4 Equity Investment Strategies

What is your objective for investing? What is your time horizon? How much risk are you willing to take? How much returns do you expect?

Your investment objective and risk appetite will determine the equity investment strategies which is most suitable for you to grow your wealth.

4 Key Equity Investment Strategies:

  1. Invest in STI ETF – Read Best Risk-Free Investment
  2. Value Investing - Read 5 Rules to Pick Winning Stocks
  3. Momentum Trading – Short Term Trading, long or short, Ride the Trend
  4. Options/Warrants Trading - High risk => High reward. Options trading applies to US markets which is a NO NO for me. Warrants trading applies to Singapore Market. I prefer STI warrants over Stock warrants.

Unless I'm successful with Strategies 1 & 2, I will not proceed with Strategy 3.

Unless I'm successful with Strategies 1-3, I will not proceed with Strategy 4 - STI warrants trading.

I'll never proceed with Strategy 4 – Options trading in US markets – I'm scared of unknown waters. Morevoer, only 5% of options traders make money!

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