Sunday, September 14, 2008

Best Risk-Free Investment

This is the 3rd time I'm writing this:

"Mr Market has never failed to recover from every setback. But not so for individual stocks!”

So what do you think is the best risk-free investment?

Yes, buy the index! Why risk-free? You will never lose money over time, if you hold it long term, for at least 10 years! Of course that depends on when you buy. It's all about timing!

According to Adam Khoo, if you buy STI and hold it for 10 years, average return is 10% per annum. If you buy S&P or Dow, average return is 12% per annum for 10 years. He prefers to buy the US indices. I disagree. Why?

Exchange rate risk! I'll never buy US indices, I'll be happy with STI. I'll not hold long term. I'll wait for STI to bottom, buy and hold till there is sign of a trend reversal, then sell.

Remember this bear market might last for 7 years or more. Market will likely be down and/or remain sideways for the next 7 years. Hold, I will when the bull run is back!

How to buy STI? Buy STI ETF!

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