Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beat the Market

My Secrets Revealed!

Failure is the Mother of Success! To succeed, i.e. for me to consistently profit from the market and make it my ATM machine, I need to be able to see the future market direction instead of reacting to it. I need this Crystal Ball to make me a "Smart Investor Always Succeed" and no longer a "Silly Investor Always Suffer"!

But I'm no Astrologer, Fengshui Master nor expert in Technical Analysis. So I started my search for this Crystal Ball, surfing the internet for experts providing stock market forecasts and information, worldwide. Why not tap on their expertise! I only need to test to confirm the accuracy and reliability of their forecasts and information (see my success stories), and bingo! I got a Crystal Ball with 80% accuracy! I can manage my money and manage my life!

Focus on the BIG-PICTURE, get it right and the Big Profits will follow, whether I invest in the stock market or other investments.

The BIG-PICTURE is know where we are in the Business Cycle as well as the Stock Market Cycle. It is not easy to identify where we are in the Business Cycle, however, we can roughly gauge it from the Stock Market Cycle. It is said that the Stock Market Cycle is usually about 6-9 months ahead of the Business Cycle. We are now in a Bear Market that started in October 2007, which might last for 4-7 years or more (I hope not). So are you ready for Recession or the next Great Depression?

Its amazing how Astrology/Fengshui can be applied to forecast the future market direction with great accuracy. Both Astrology/Fengshui and Technical Analysis have their own strengths and weaknesses. So I use Astrology/Fengshui combined with Technical Analysis for my Crystal Ball to increase its accuracy for timing the market.

tracks the DOW, Nikkei, Hangseng and Shanghai indices closely. STI chart is quite similar to that of S&P. So I use the forecasts for DOW and S&P directions to determine the possible STI movement.

With the market direction forecasted, which sectors and which stocks should I buy? Fengshui is applied to forecast the sectors which might do well and technical analysis is used to identify the stocks to buy. In a Bear Market, it makes sense to lookout for STI component stocks because these would be the first to move in a bear rally.

Lastly, follow the trading rules to manage my investments.

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