Saturday, April 18, 2015

Watch Out! Adam Cheng “Ting Hai” Effect

Wow!  Hang Seng Index Futures dropped more than 700 points last nightWill another stock market crash or crisis occur?   Why?  Watch the "Ting Hai" effect, the Adam Cheng stock market crash indicator is on!  And that coincided with my Stock Market Timing calculations!
Read the news below:
The Standard HK news on Tuesday, April 14, 2015

"If there's anything guaranteed to get television viewers on the edge of their seats at the moment, it has to be The Greed of Man.
And it's back next week.

The topical TV drama produced and aired by Television Broadcasts in 1992, whose lead character Ting Hai, played by Adam Cheng Siu-chow, pictured, made enormous profits short-selling Hang Seng Index futures, coincided with a slump of 20 percent in the index.

That set the scene for Cheng's ominous tango with a bearish stock market in the two decades that followed, thus breeding the dreaded Adam Cheng Effect, suggesting every appearance of the actor on the screen would ensue in an equity crisis.

With the stock market flying high, Hong Kong's largest broadcaster has decided to re-air the unwelcome soap opera on its noon slot starting on Monday.

TVB deputy director Tsang Sing- ming said the timing is good for the show, dismissing the unfortunate "effect" as a coincidence - one that repeated itself more than 30 times in 20 years."

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