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Friday, February 13, 2015

DBS 3.96% Fixed Deposit CNY Promo

Wow! In conjunction with POSB 1.88% Deposit CNY Promo, DBS introduced an up to 3.96% pa Deposit  for 3mths for topup to the Multiplier Account!

This is very attractive especially for those who do not have a DBS Multiplier Account now and can meet the cashflow requirements to earn up to 2.08% pa interest.

If u can meet the 20k cashflow requirement, the First 50k deposit into the DBS Multiplier Account will earn 2.08% pa interest (mthly).

Then if u register for the DBS 3.96% pa promo, this First 50k will also earn another 1.88% pa interest for 3mths, or

If u register for the POSB 1.88% pa promo, this First 50k will also earn another 1.88% pa interest for 12mths.

That gives u 2.08% + 1.88% = 3.96% pa interest on the first 50k deposit. 

So open the Multiplier Account, register for the promo, transfer fresh funds into the account and start accumulating the cashflow!

Wow! I'm going for it!

What are u waiting for?

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