Thursday, February 26, 2015

The State of the Global Markets -- 2015 Edition

Exclusive invitation: Our friends at Elliott Wave International have just released their new 53-page independent investor report, The State of the Global Markets -- 2015 Edition: The Most Important Investment Report You'll Read This Year. On an exclusive, limited-time basis, they've allowed us to share it with you, for FREE Learn more and download your 53-page report now »

Consider yourself warned.

The global market outlook is far less rosy than the emperors with no clothes would have you believe.
  • U.S. stocks have recently hit new highs, pushing technical readings to hit off-the-charts extremes;
  • Gold, silver and bonds are in multi-year bear markets;
  • Investors in major markets around the world are exposing their money to unprecedented risks;
  • Regional economies recently said to be "recovering" are slipping back into recession;
  • And despite the multi-year rally in stocks, Main Street is still struggling.
  • Politicians and central bankers worldwide reassure investors that the credit crisis of 2007-2009 is nothing more than a footnote in market history -- despite the compelling evidence that it never truly ended.
  • Europe remains in turmoil, and Asia-Pacific regions and emerging markets are charting surprising courses of their own.
Just as the timeless fable warns, sometimes it takes a single voice in a crowd to tell everyone the emperor wears no clothes. The world's largest privately held market forecasting company, Elliott Wave International, just released its annual State of the Global Markets Report -- 2015 Edition -- and it is that voice.

Packed with timely charts and analysis, this 53-page tour de force teas down the popular investment myths of today and replaces them with hardcore reality.
  • It tells you what's really going on in the global marketplace.
  • It reveals market pitfalls no one else sees coming.
  • It uncovers once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunities.
To get ahead of the markets in 2015, you must think independently. This 53-page report gives you the tools and the direction you need to gain a competitive edge.

Download The State of the Global Markets Report -- 2015 Edition now (for FREE), and enjoy dozens of independent global market insights that will prepare you to survive and prosper in 2015 and beyond.

» Follow this link to download your free 53-page report, The State of the Global Markets -- 2015 Edition, now.

IMPORTANT: Please don't buy or sell a single share of stock -- anywhere in the world -- without reading this report first.

P.S. This subscriber-level report is normally priced at $79, but for this week only, you can download it for FREE. Please download it now while its valuable year-in-preview advice can help your portfolio in the New Year. Click this link to begin.
About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International
Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the world's largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private investors around the world.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Get Free $18 Angpow plus $3.88xx

From Matchmove Wallet Facebook :

“Send a Virtual Angbao to your friends this Chinese New Year. For every virtual Angbao that you send via your MM Wallet account, we’ll be giving all senders an 8% or 18% Angbao Bonus! Yes, we’re rewarding you for giving an Angbao!

Send to an existing MM Wallet account – 8% Bonus
Send to a non-existing MM Wallet – 18% Bonus

How it works:
1. Send a virtual Angbao to your friend via the “Transfer Credit” function in the MM Wallet! (Minimum amount to send: $12.50)
2. Choose to send via mobile or email
3. Get your friend to claim the credits!
4. Your Angbao bonus credits will be sent to your account when the promotion ends

You can even send a Virtual Angbao to your friends who do not have a MM Wallet account! Your friend will be prompted to sign up for a MM Wallet account when he/she receives the SMS or email notification.

PS: Don't forget to top up your MM Wallet first if you do not have sufficient balance in your account! “

Here's my tip for you to earn the 8%-18% Bonus plus 2x $3.88 signup bonus:

1 . If u are new to mmw, signup new account using my referral link so u will get the $3.88 signup bonus if u topup min $10. U can topup using credit card for instant credit.

2.  If u prefer to use your own money, then topup $225 (instead of $10). Or u can arrange with trusted mmw users to transfer money to u, then u transfer money back to them using the second account to earn another $18 bonus for the second account. $225x8% = $18 bonus.

3. Signup for another account for your relative/friend to whom u are going to send the angpao money of $225 using your own referral link and topup $10. You will get $3.88 for referral plus $3.88 for the second account signup bonus.

4. Send $225 to the second account. Receive the $225 into the second account.

5.  Wait for the various bonuses to be received based on the dates provided by mmw. U will get $18 + $3.88x2 for first account, $3.88 for second account (another $18 if u make arrangement with others)

6. If u like, transfer all money back to the first account and use the money for purchases online, pay telco bills or ......


From MMW facebook: *Terms & Conditions:

• This promotion starts on 16 Feb 2015, 9pm and will end on 22 Feb 2015, 2359 hours.
• Only successful credits transferred and claimed by recipients respectively before 22 Feb 2015, 2359 hours will be eligible for this promotion.
• Senders who transferred credits but their recipients have not claimed their credits after 22 Feb 2015, 2359 hours will not be entitled to receiving the Angbao bonus
• Users who want to do multiple transfers are encouraged to send to multiple unique existing MM Wallet users or non-existing MM Wallet users
• Users can be entitled to multiple Angbao bonuses. However, the maximum accumulated amount of Angbao bonuses per user is $18.
• Recipients who send money back to their senders will not be entitled to this Angbao bonus promotion
• All existing MM Wallet users can send to a non-existing MM Wallet account via mobile or email. Non-existing MM Wallet recipients must have successfully signed up for the MM Wallet and Virtual Card, and claimed the sent credits successfully in order for the senders to be entitled to the 18% Angbao bonus.
• Angbao bonus credits will be sent directly to your MM Wallet. Users are required to claim the credits manually within 7 days after they have been sent.
• The Angbao bonus credits will be sent to your MM Wallet on 25 Feb 2015.
• The minimum amount of credits to be transferred must be $12.50 and above. The maximum amount of credits to be transferred is $250.
• The maximum value of Angbao bonus credits that each user is entitled to is $18.
• Cancelled/pending transfers will not be entitled to receiving Angbao bonus credits.
• Promotion credits (eg: rebate credits, top up bonus credits) are strictly NOT exchangeable for any form of cash. Users who closed their accounts after participating in these promotions will have their unused credits forfeited.
• Accounts which have not successfully verified their identity will not be able to send credits if they have topped up their accounts once previously
• Users are required to verify their identity to claim the top up bonus credits.
• Users are required to use their full name as in NRIC/FIN to sign up for the MM Wallet.
• Users who signed up for a MM Wallet account using temporary mobile numbers or email addresses will not be entitled to participate in this promotion. Users are required to use their genuine personal details when signing up for the MM Wallet.
• This promotion is open to all new and existing MM Wallet users who are Singaporeans, PRs or foreigners who are holding Singapore work permits and residing in Singapore.
• MM Wallet reserves the rights to alter, modify and cancel this promotion at its own discretion.

Friday, February 13, 2015

DBS 3.96% Fixed Deposit CNY Promo

Wow! In conjunction with POSB 1.88% Deposit CNY Promo, DBS introduced an up to 3.96% pa Deposit  for 3mths for topup to the Multiplier Account!

This is very attractive especially for those who do not have a DBS Multiplier Account now and can meet the cashflow requirements to earn up to 2.08% pa interest.

If u can meet the 20k cashflow requirement, the First 50k deposit into the DBS Multiplier Account will earn 2.08% pa interest (mthly).

Then if u register for the DBS 3.96% pa promo, this First 50k will also earn another 1.88% pa interest for 3mths, or

If u register for the POSB 1.88% pa promo, this First 50k will also earn another 1.88% pa interest for 12mths.

That gives u 2.08% + 1.88% = 3.96% pa interest on the first 50k deposit. 

So open the Multiplier Account, register for the promo, transfer fresh funds into the account and start accumulating the cashflow!

Wow! I'm going for it!

What are u waiting for?

Friday, February 6, 2015

Should I keep my Whole Life Policies?

I have a whole life policy (death/tpd) and another 3 for CI/TPD/death. I no longer need insurance for death as I do not have any depe...