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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Will Stock Market Crash like 1932, 1987 or 2001?

Just read from one US Expert that there is a confirmed Hindenburg Omen on Sept 18 2014. So decided to do some research.

Using Fibonacci Numbers:

Crash Low 2001 
+ 1 = 2002 Low
+ 2 = 2003 Low
+ 3 = 2004 Low
+ 5 = 2006 Low
+ 8 = 2009 Low
+13 = 2014 Low ??

Wow! A 13-year crash cycle? 2014 is also a 5 year cycle from 2009, 7 year cycle from 2007, a 10 year cycle from 2004 minor low. Wow! It is also a 17 year cycle from the crash of 1997!

Watch the Sky for Trends!

Per one expert astrologer, Jupiter and Uranus will be forming a trine.  So I decided to do some research.

Every 13-14 years, Jupiter and Uranus will form a trine. Wow! A trine occurred in 1931-1932, in 1987-88 and in 2001 and what happened to the Stock Markets?

I noticed “these planets” will be forming a similar pattern in the Sky like in 1987 when the Stock Market Crashed. Wow, will history repeat?

It will be interesting to watch the Stock Markets as these planets move into positions. Watch the New Moon and Full Moon dates as well as the coming Lunar (8 Oct) and Solar (23 Oct) Eclipses ahead.

Crisis = Opportunity!

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