Friday, July 4, 2014

My 2-Weeks Stay at Hotel 3 - Part 2

During the crisis episode, I said thank god I was not at SGH, otherwise it will be Sure Go Hell/Home (Home means die), at AH it was Almost Hell! Thanks to Dr HG and Dr PW and the Team of Nurses of Ward 11 for saving me in the nick of time.

Thanks to the Singapore Navy for sending me to Hotel 3 aka Alexandra Hospital. Thanks to the Navy Team for lending their helping hands for me to cling, grab and hold tight to relieve me of my pain throughout the episode.

My 2 weeks stay at Alexandra Hospital was beyond my expectations.

I stayed in C Ward, they serve B2 menu. Wow! I like the food very much, breakfast, lunch and dinner were better than food served at Foodcourt/Hawker Centres. I think the “cook” must be Teochew, they serve Teochew Porridge, etc. Very balanced meals, with herbal soup, soft fruits, rice with meat/vegetables. Coffee, tea or milo with biscuits for tea breaks.

My bed space was very spacious, 1.5 to 2 times that of SGH bed space. 6 beds in a cubicle compared to 8 in SGH. Although there is no aircon, the strong ceiling fan was cool enough at night, but warm on certain days when the weather was hot. It was raining most of the time in the first week, so it was quite cooling.

I was tired and sleepy most of the time because of the painkillers. So I could sleep and rest well in the day as well as at night. Occasionally, I will check stock market performance and listen to radio on my free Samsung Galaxy Tab3 when wifi is strong enough using Wireless@SG. There is a free copy of Straits Times which I could borrow to read.

The team of nurses were fantastic. Good and friendly service, care and support. Their skills were better than those at SGH. No blue black on my hands after taking blood!

AH believe good food is important for speedy recovery. Her emphasis on pain management was superb to ensure the patient can eat, sleep and rest well for speedy recovery. These are important lessons I learnt when care giving for elderly as well as terminally ill too.

I asked Dr PW how I can ensure speedy recovery (my sister taught me to ask this question). Did a blood test and confirmed my Vitamin D is extremely low. Luckily bone mass test confrimed my bones are ok. Lesson learnt – doctors are not telling us, we need to read up and learn more about Vitamin D and our health.

Luckily I'm covered with NTUC Income Enhanced Shield which should take care 100% of hospitalisation bill. Oops, not true leh, I just received hospital bill, I still need to pay out of my own pocket some expenses which are excluded from the insurance cover/medisave. Hmmm.... who should pay for these medical expenses for me?

To be continued.....

Stock Market - is the top in yet?

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