Thursday, January 2, 2014

Free S$20 Prepaid Mastercard!

Have you claimed your free S$20 Prepaid Mastercard?

Register now for Priceless Singapore, a free Mastercard cardholders membership program, and you could be one of 5000 lucky cardholders to receive a S$20 Prepaid Mastercard.  Hurry, promotion ends Jan 20 2014, last day for collection of gift as follows:

The Box Office
MasterCard® Theatres
Marina Bay Sands®
2pm - 4pm every Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday
26 December 2013 to 20 January 2014

What's the best part of this free gift?

Besides the S$20 in the Prepaid Mastercard, you can topup the card with up to $1000 using your Frank Credit Card to earn the 6% rebate.  Then just use this Prepaid Mastercard to pay for all your expenses to enjoy the 6% rebate all year round!  Wow!  That's better than any credit card can offer, unless the credit card gives more than 6% rebate in a special promo!  Other people have been enjoying the Frank Credit Card rebate in this way, I'll trying it out this month with my free Prepaid Mastercard, hurray!

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